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Writing in Code

When it comes to sharing ideas that involve visual elements, source code, and unifying concepts that span disciplines, the friction to include different types of media and information makes technical writing rather tedious, and streamlining that process a bit has helped make it more enjoyable to write.

Designing Your Workspace

If you make a living at your computer, there’s a good chance, it makes sense to invest in that space to maximize your ability to focus and do creative work. Here’s some ideas that helped me.

Employment vs. Self-employment

I had it made. I was running a comfortably profitable low-six-figure revenue company, and I answered to nobody but myself and customers. Growth wasn’t explosive, but business was healthy, and financially, I was doing well. So why leave it all behind?…

The Journey of Selling Sifter

After I had been working on Sifter for about six years, I had a minor ankle surgery that unfortunately led to many more surgeries. While I was pleasantly surprised how well recurring-revenue software supported me through the ups and downs of surgeries…

Unplanned Downtime

Imagine for a moment that you’re self-employed, married with a child and a mortgage, you’re the only full-time employee of your company, and the sole breadwinner for your family. Now, imagine having a minor surgery with an expected four day break from…

What does it take?

The full stack for a web application can be rather overwhelming, but it’s not quite as bad as you might think. If you look at this list knowing only a small portion of the items, it can be incredibly intimidating. Really, though, it’s an incremental…

Walls of Wireframes

I offered up a subset of my Visio wireframe stencils over at YourTotalSite in the recent past, and there seemed to be some pretty good interest in seeing more. While I don’t have any wireframe examples to show the world just yet, I can do the next best…