This site exists for several inter-twining reasons, and collectively those reasons set the table to create a custom publishing system built with one part pragmatism and one part tinkering.

  1. A personal and professional journal and catalogue of topics I find interesting so I have a central place to store things.
  2. A place to write and share as a means to document and refine my thoughts.
  3. A playground for me to try out new ideas and tools in a low-risk but proper production Rails environment.
  4. A place to share updates on stuff I build.
  5. A way to share what I’ve learned about navigating life and staying active as an amputee.

For my fellow web development folks, this meta stuff exists as a nook for sharing the behind-the-scenes of the site on the off-chance there’s tool or tactic that might be of interest to you.


The site’s settings serve two purposes. Like most settings/preferences, they naturally let you customize the site, but they also help illustrate the power and flexibility of progressive enhancement. Even if you choose the absolute bare minumum level of fidelity, the site should still be entirely readable and usable.

Similarly, while the site is pretty heavily optimized even with the full suite of options enabled, you can also choose a different level of fidelity to further reduce bandwidth and receive the fastest possible experience.11Hat tip to Jim Nielsen for drawing attention to the idea of website fidelity options as preferences for visitors.

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The more accessible we all strive to make the web, the more everybody wins. The best part is that with some basic diligence, the vast majority of accessibility is free. So like the settings, the accessibility page here

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What’s powering the site? What tools do I use to build and ship the site? What services keep everything running smoothly? And who are some of the people I have to thank for sharing and refining ideas that made it much easier to build this site

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Curious about something not covered on any of these pages? Have any suggestions for how to improve access and readability for other groups of people or devices? Send me an email.