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Over the years, I’ve written a couple of self-published books and dozens of articles on topics including software development processes, building and running SaaS applications, case studies, as well as low-level technical topics.


Book 2019 Focus & Flow A Book about Getting into the Zone and Staying There

Struggling to stay in the zone? Meetings. Chat. Interruptions. Distractions. Open offices. There has to be a better way. So we wrote a book to help developers like you get into the zone, and stay there. Accomplish more while finding space to think and recover.

Book 2016 Starting & Sustaining A Guide to Building and Running a SaaS Business

A self-published book including all digital formats, a self-recorded and produced audiobook, and related resources to help others build and run their own SaaS business with less pain and fewer mistakes.

Technical Writing

Technical Writing 2020 Gatsby Customer Stories Articles and Interviews with Gatsby Customers

The team at Gatsby needed someone to interview customers doing interesting work with Gatsby and share their stories and use cases to illustrate the flexibility of the platform.

Technical Writing 2016–2020 Postmark & Email Collection of Technical Articles about Transactional Email

While working at Postmark, I wrote a number of articles about transactional email configuration, copywriting, and related best practices to help developers better understand the black box of email.

Technical Writing 2013 Software Quality Academy A Collection of Essays about Lowering Maintenance Costs by Improving Quality

A cohesive mini-site to help Sifter’s customers and potential customers gain a more holistic understanding of the long-term value of higher quality software and why it was invariably worth it to create more consistent and reliable processes for managing issues.

Technical Writing 2005–2007 Digital Web Magazine Column About Front-end Development

For a couple of years as CSS and Web Standards were becoming more established, I wrote a column for Digital Web Magazine that explored topics related to front-end development.