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An overview of professional and personal work throughout the years including web application development, self-publishing books, open source projects, and some other bits.


Web Application 2022–Present Personal Publishing System for this Very Site

After almost twenty years of publishing online, I sat down to dream up a system that I would happily use to publish online for the next twenty years. The result was a custom Rails-based tool built specifically for the writing and publishing workflows that worked for me.

Ruby Gem 2021–Present Reviewer Consistent, Frictionless, and Unified Code Quality

Reviewer helps you leverage multiple automated code review tools with orders of magnitude less friction so you and your team can use them more frequently and consistently.

Ruby Gem 2021–Present Minitest Heat Heat Map Reporter for Minitest

Minitest Heat automatically collects failures and inspects backtraces to proactively identify patterns and provide a heat map summary of the files and line numbers that most frequently appear to be the causes of issues so you can get to the source of problems more efficiently.

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Book 2019 Focus & Flow A Book about Getting into the Zone and Staying There

Struggling to stay in the zone? Meetings. Chat. Interruptions. Distractions. Open offices. There has to be a better way. So we wrote a book to help developers like you get into the zone, and stay there. Accomplish more while finding space to think and recover.

Book 2016 Starting & Sustaining A Guide to Building and Running a SaaS Business

A self-published book including all digital formats, a self-recorded and produced audiobook, and related resources to help others build and run their own SaaS business with less pain and fewer mistakes.

Technical Writing 2013 Software Quality Academy A Collection of Essays about Lowering Maintenance Costs by Improving Quality

A cohesive mini-site to help Sifter’s customers and potential customers gain a more holistic understanding of the long-term value of higher quality software and why it was invariably worth it to create more consistent and reliable processes for managing issues.

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