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Personal and Professional Projects

Some recent and representative projects and works through the years.

Ruby, Rails, Open Source, and SaaS

Web Application 2022–Present Personal Publishing System for this Very Site

After almost twenty years of publishing online, I sat down to dream up a system that I would happily use to publish online for the next twenty years. The result was a custom Rails-based tool built specifically for the writing and publishing workflows that worked for me.

Ruby Gem 2021–Present Reviewer Consistent, Frictionless, and Unified Code Quality

Reviewer helps you leverage multiple automated code review tools with orders of magnitude less friction so you and your team can use them more frequently and consistently.

Ruby Gem 2021–Present Minitest Heat Heat Map Reporter for Minitest

Minitest Heat automatically collects failures and inspects backtraces to proactively identify patterns and provide a heat map summary of the files and line numbers that most frequently appear to be the causes of issues so you can get to the source of problems more efficiently.

Video 2020–2022 Adaptable Knowledge Sharing for Active Amputees

When facing my decision to amputate, it was incredibly difficult to find information related to the logistics of staying active as an amputee, so I created videos to share some of the tips and tactics I’ve learned through the years.

Web Application 2008–Present Sifter Simple Bug & Issue Tracking

Designed and developed a SaaS bug and issue tracking application as a sole founder until selling it to focus on recovery from health issues. Design, building, supporting, marketing, and running the business for eight years redefined my perception of ‘full-stack’ software engineering.