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Chapters and interviews tagged with ‘#cancellations’

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Chapter 53 Listen carefully to cancellations

Paying customers who explicitly cancel can be among your most important sources of insight. You can’t prevent every cancellation, but you can do your best to get to the bottom of why people leave.

Chapter 52 Prevent churn before it happens

In the early days, you’re too small for churn to be a meaningful statistic, but after those first 100 accounts, mitigating churn can help you grow much faster. So how do you know if you should focus on getting new signups or decreasing churn?

Chapter 31 Plan for failed payments

How can you minimize the number of failed payments, and how should you handle them when they happen?

Screenshot of Scott Nixon during the interview Interview № 19 of 24 Scott Nixon

Scott Nixon is the co-founder of Meal Mentor, a subscription-based vegeterian meal planning service. Scott handles the technology side of the business and works to keep the operational side of things humming with software.

Screenshot of Josh Pigford during the interview Interview № 8 of 24 Josh Pigford

Josh and I discussed bootstrapping, accepting outside money, the drawbacks of hiring too fast and having to ask his team to take a pay cut. We also talk about how metrics simply aren’t important in the early days and how nothing beats spending time to talking to your customers in person.

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