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Screenshot of Brennan Dunn during the interview Interview № 24 of 24 Brennan Dunn

Brennan is a co-founder of Right Message. In this episode, we talk about the path he’s taken that led him to create Right Message and what he’s learned about building and launching SaaS applications based on his experiences with his various products.

Screenshot of Mathias Meyer during the interview Interview № 23 of 24 Mathias Meyer

Mathias is one of the original founders of Travis CI. In this episode, we talk about the difficulty of leaving the company he helped start, and the challenges of moving on.

Screenshot of Jaimee Newberry during the interview Interview № 22 of 24 Jaimee Newberry

Jaimee Newberry is the founder of Picture This Clothing where you can print a coloring sheet and design a one-of-a-kind ready-to-wear creation that they send to you. In this epsode we talk about making hard decisions and creating space in your life for ideas to take hold and give you time to work on them.

Screenshot of Steve McLeod during the interview Interview № 21 of 24 Steve McLeod

Steve McLeod is the founder of Feature Upvote, a SaaS tool to enable your customers to suggest and upvote improvements. In this episode, we talk about and compare his experiences running both a B2C app and B2B app and the value of having a part-time system administrator on retainer.

Chapter 52 Prevent churn before it happens

In the early days, you’re too small for churn to be a meaningful statistic, but after those first 100 accounts, mitigating churn can help you grow much faster. So how do you know if you should focus on getting new signups or decreasing churn?

Chapter 17 Ignore the competition

When you get started, there are only two things that matter: your customers and your productivity. While it might be helpful to evaluate competitors when getting started, once you start, it’s best to ignore them and do your thing.

Chapter 18 Remember it's a business

As a founder juggling multiple tasks, it’s easy to forget about the business in the face of all of the other product decisions, but you have to factor business and operations into your decisions now.

Chapter 19 Develop empathy for customers

As a new founder, you’re in a position to design your business and life the way you want to. If the standard way of doing something feels wrong, use it as an opportunity to do the right thing rather than the corporate thing.

Chapter 50 Keep chargebacks in context

Chargebacks will happen. Hopefully you won’t have many, but when you do, it’s important to understand what it means and what you can do about it, if anything.

Chapter 49 Be ready for fraud and spam

It’s unfortunate, but not everyone on the internet means well. If you put a payment form online or give people a way to post public content, you’ll eventually get a visit from a spammer or scammer. You must address it, but don’t let it get to you.

Chapter 1 Balance fear and hope

It’s hard but rewarding work. Your happiness and satisfaction will largely be a result of your expectations. Expect and plan for slow and steady growth, and be pleasantly surprised if your business grows more quickly.

Chapter 5 Get money

It’s handy to have some money set aside to get your application off the ground, but you may need less than you think. More importantly, you may have a lot more options for gathering that money. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of whichever path you choose.

Chapter 2 Plan for a paycut

When you’re getting started, your personal costs will be your single biggest expense. By reducing your cost of living, you can buy yourself time and reduce your stress while your business gets going.

Chapter 62 Be certain that selling is the right option

Once the idea of selling starts to take hold, it can quickly become tempting to follow through. But there are some serious questions to ask yourself to avoid any regrets.

Chapter 4 Be cautious with projections

At some point, you’re going to put together a spreadsheet that illustrates your business plan making a million dollars in some random period of time. Remember that these aren’t real numbers, and then get to work.

Chapter 13 Build vs. buy

In the coming years, you’ll face decisions to either pay for a tool that isn’t a perfect fit, or build your own. It’s imperative to recognize that building anything that isn’t a core part of your business will become more of a distraction than a strength.

Chapter 11 Defend your productivity

You’re running a small business and juggling dozens of aspects. You can’t afford time lost to non-critical tasks. Take the time to make a plan, be disciplined, and hold yourself accountable for focused work.

Chapter 61 Always be preparing to exit

You may have no plans to ever sell, but sometimes life throws you a curveball. Moreover, even if you never sell, being mindful of these aspects of your business will make life easier for the rest of your time running the business.

Chapter 3 Don't quit your day job

If reducing your costs is the best way to set up your business, not quitting your day job is the next best. There will come a time when you need to quit, but it will be long after juggling the two is easy.

Chapter 6 Get paperwork out of the way

Paperwork is never any fun, but there’ll be a handful of things you need to set up and keep handy. The critical part is keeping the information to hand and documenting this so it’s not a chore when you need it.

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