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“We’re All Just Temporarily Abled”

Good post by Jim Nielsen about accessibility and disability. Even as an amputee, there’s days where it doesn’t limit me at all, and there’s days where it destroys me. It’s a spectrum and constantly shifting.   And Cindy’s quote has always hit hard both before and after amputation…

We’re all just temporarily abled.

The most fundamentally confusing thing about teams overlooking accessibility in software is that good accessibility is fundamentally good design. It’s not purely about inclusion—although that is certainly a key element.

It benefits everyone both directly and indirectly to varying degrees throughout our lives.

Blockquotes in Screen Readers

Adrian Roselli puts together a thorough and insightful examination of how various screen readers announce some of the common patterns used for marking up blockquotes. I’ll definitely be revisiting my approach to blockquotes here on the site based on his findings and reasoning.  

What works for you may be different. However, I definitely recommend against using <figure> with <figcaption>. Enough that I adjusted the advice for <blockquote> at MDN. It is unnecessarily verbose in NVDA, JAWS, Orca, and macOS VoiceOver.

I found it particularly interesting that the cite attribute can be skipped entirely due to the fact that no screen readers use it and JAWS creates more noise by reading the URL out loud. I also learned there’s no meaningful connection between the cite attribute and the <cite> element.

"This link is only available by keyboard navigation"

Terence Eden gives us a thought-provoking experiment on making a site accessible only by keyboard. 

*, *:hover { cursor: none !important;}

Now, should you do this? No. It is silly. Reducing accessibility like this is never a good idea. But it is a fun experiment.

Prioritizing Visual Stability on the Web

With any web site or application, speed is important, but it doesn’t live in a vacuum. If you get someone the content sooner, but it’s moving around so much that they can’t read it or interact with it, is it really worth getting it to them a little faster?

The Web We've Made

The internet is an awesome thing, but we’re ruining it. We probably can’t get enough people to stop shipping bloated and broken software, turn off their obtrusive newsletter sign up modals, or stop writing fake reviews for free products, but maybe the…

Starting Over Again

At the beginning of May, I’ll be leaving Wildbit to create some space and flexibility to work more on Adaptable. In the meantime I’m actively looking for opportunities that will help pay the bills and give me a way to do work that aligns with my hopes…

Openness and Longevity

In our incessant rush to move quickly, everything is ephemeral. Technology moves so quickly that today’s strong favorite is outdated in a matter of years. We slurp up notifications and are fascinated by the next thing before we even fully understand the…

What to work on?

I face a dilemma, and I believe it’s a common one. Where should I spend my side project time? We all have ideas and passions. We all want financial stability and/or independence. But we have limited free time for side projects. So how do you decide…

Why a non-profit?

We’ve been making slow but steady progress on starting a non-profit to help other amputees, but we still have a long ways to go. In a way, the decision to go the non-profit route was the easiest decision to make, but it was still incredibly scary. It’s…

What does it take?

The full stack for a web application can be rather overwhelming, but it’s not quite as bad as you might think. If you look at this list knowing only a small portion of the items, it can be incredibly intimidating. Really, though, it’s an incremental…

The Tracker Dashboard

We’ve taken a look at the concepts behind the issue life-cycle and workflow, and next we’re going to see how the dashboard is playing out so far. For me, the dashboard is about quickly assessing the state of projects, and diving right in to managing…

Accessiblity for the Masses

I was recently reminded while working on our panel for SXSW that accessibility isn’t just about screen readers, markup guidelines, or alt tags. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as most of us ever get with accessibility. It’s good that most of us are…

The Time is Now for Front-End Architects

While back-end technology has become more and more abstracted and powerful with frameworks like .Net, Rails, and their Java counterparts, the possibilities with front-end technology have grown increasingly complex. The web needs more front-end…

Design for Design's Sake

In business, design should enhance and support web site goals rather than be the goal. Design involves so much more than just pretty visuals, and visual design is not the single most important aspect of web development. The same goes for usability,…

Balance and Teamwork

After writing about the blending of design and programming the other day, it really got me thinking. I really think web design, and almost everything in the world is just one big balancing act. In politics, for every extreme conservative, there’s…