Things are busy, but it’s finally time to announce something that has been occupying much of my free time for the past week or so. A long time in the making and the brain child of Eris, Refresh Dallas is finally having our first real meeting.

The First Meeting

The meeting is scheduled for November 10th at 7:30 pm at Christopher Parr Library in Plano. While I’m extremely excited that things have finally gotten rolling, I’m doubly excited because I have the opportunity to co-present with Stephen Anderson, an amazingly brilliant Bright Corner co-worker, on Information Architecture. we’ll be discussing current ideas and trends as well as showing actual deliverables and talking about what has and hasn’t worked for us.

we’ll discuss the strengths and weaknesss of folksonomies, faceted classifications, site maps, wireframes, page description diagrams, HTML rapid prototyping, and more.

If you live in or near Dallas, we’d love to see you out there. Check out the Refresh site for more info. Of course, any help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.

The Future

Being that this is the first meeting, we still have a lot of work to do for Refresh to grow. We’re looking for volunteers, ideas, sponsors, and pretty much anything a fledgling organization would need. So, whether you just want to come to the monthly meetings for free pizza or are looking to help out, check out the site, and make sure to be there for the first meeting.

What Exactly is Refresh?

Unfortunately, while there are many designers and web standards people in Dallas, there is no strong community presence. We hope to fix that by providing a web standards oriented design group for people to learn and share ideas about the present and future state of web development.