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Chapter 13 Build vs. buy

In the coming years, you’ll face decisions to either pay for a tool that isn’t a perfect fit, or build your own. It’s imperative to recognize that building anything that isn’t a core part of your business will become more of a distraction than a strength.

Chapter 29 Carefully consider payment options

Every business needs a way to accept payments, and there are many ways to handle them. Make sure you carefully weigh the pros and cons of each form of payment, as well as the providers that process your payments.

Chapter 15 Choose vendors wisely

Your business will depend on vendors. Try not to become entirely dependent on a vendor. But if you absolutely must be dependent, make sure you choose carefully.

Screenshot of Tracy Osborn during the interview Interview № 16 of 24 Tracy Osborn

Tracy and I talk about her experience building and running Wedding Lovely, raising some funding for it, losing a co-founder, and even going through a heart-breaking acquisition process with Etsy. Through it all, she’s kept going and even published books to help others build their own web applications. She’s a brilliant example of someone that simply won’t give up, and while there’s no IPO looming, she’s making a great living doing what she loves with a small team.

Screenshot of Peldi during the interview Interview № 4 of 24 Peldi

Peldi and I talk about moving from California to Italy to lower his cost of living to start a company, juggling different delivery formats for software (and the associated payments challenges), giving amazing support, and bending over backwards to help customers. While he originally didn’t want to grow the business beyond himself, Balsamiq is now a team of 23 people based all around the world.

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