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Chapter 19 Develop empathy for customers

As a new founder, you’re in a position to design your business and life the way you want to. If the standard way of doing something feels wrong, use it as an opportunity to do the right thing rather than the corporate thing.

Chapter 28 Invest in helping new customers

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and with software it’s a fleetingly brief chance. Make sure you focus on the customer’s success and help them get started with your software.

Chapter 27 Make it easy to test drive

Free trials are a core part of what makes self-service SaaS powerful, but there are countless ways to handle trials. Don’t treat your trial period as an afterthought. Carefully consider the pros and cons of different approaches to free trials and demos.

Screenshot of Matt Goldman during the interview Interview № 18 of 24 Matt Goldman

Matt and I talk about running a SaaS business after acquiring it, the mistakes they made early after taking over Churn Buster, and the common ways that SaaS businesses get dunning wrong and how they can do better. We also talk about the value of iteratively improving automation for tasks and how important it is to clearly document and explain manual process.

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