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What’s critical? What can wait? How do you prioritize a dozen different tasks if many of them are completely new to you?

Maybe you’ve done front-end development but only have a vague understanding of back-end architecture.

Maybe you’ve done design and development but have never handled marketing or customer support?

Or maybe you’ve done almost all of it but are terrified of the idea of doing sales.

Design. Development. Marketing. Release management. Changelogs. Security. Sales. Vendors. Cofounders. Hosting. Backups. Payment processing. Billing. Dunning. Onboarding. Performance. Analytics. Downtime. Roadmaps.

It’s overwhelming to say the least.

Realistically, you can’t learn it all overnight—even with cofounders. And honestly, you shouldn’t try. What you can do. What you should do is build a big-picture understanding of it all.

Starting & Sustaining can’t (and won’t) tell you exactly what to do or when or how to do it. It will provide you with context and let you know the bevy of challenges you’re likely to encounter.

It’s more like a trail guide. It doesn’t tell you which trails to take. It simply lets you know which trails are available and includes some notes about the difficulty and potential strategies for each trail.

I personally made countless mistakes building and ultimately selling my web application over eight years as a sole founder. Starting & Sustaining organizes all of those mistakes and painfully-earned experience so you can tackle one thing at a time.

Instead of tripping over silly things, you can skip the pain and wasted time to breeze by them and knock everything out one thing at a time.


Who’s it for?
It’s written for anybody who wants to build a web application but isn’t sure about everything involved from building, to launching, to running and supporting, and potentially even selling. Chances are that every person has deep experience in a couple of the areas the book covers, and you should breeze through those chapters. The real value lies in the chapters about topics you didn’t even know to consider.
What topics does it cover?
Virtually anything you’ll encounter building a SaaS business from scratch. But if you want to know more details, the entire book is available online. So you can skim the table of contents and see precisely what the book covers.
Is it a technical book? Does it involve coding?
It intentionally avoids code to focus on operational and logistical facets and tactics. Moreover, it’s informative rather than prescriptive. It won’t tell you what to do, but it will present a robust list of considerations so you can make more informed decisions in all areas of the business.
What’s your refund policy?
It’s 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel like it helps you identify the gaps in your knowledge, let me know, and I’ll give you a refund no-questions asked.