I interviewed several customers from Gatsby to discuss how they were using Gatsby with a series of articles focused on e-commerce for Strivectin and an additional set of articles about using Gatsby and Storybook for documenting design systems and components that worked to deliver sites with Gatsby.

How Strivectin Improved Gatsby Page Performance By Streamlining Analytics Tracking Events

Exploration on improving front-end performance when web trackers start to slow things down.

Implementing Dynamic E-Commerce Features with Strivectin and Gatsby

Exploration of how Gatsby served to create the front-end for a Shopify store.

How Elevar Used Storybook With Gatsby to Support a Modular Design Process

Storybook provided a way to build out components and refine the user experience without getting bogged down in data integration.

Product Experience Management with Gatsby: Delivering A Rich E-Commerce Experience

How Gatsby, Shopify, Prismic, and GraphQL work together to unify product data for Strivectin.

How Elevar Prototyped a Headless E-Commerce Store with Gatsby

Prototyping a new user experience as the first step of migrating off of Magento to a headless e-commerce store.

Using Gatsby & Storybook To Document Your Design System

Conversations with three different teams using Storybook to document their Gatsby-based design systems.