I’ve been working on Frictionless Generators—a book and related resources to make it faster and easier to create custom Rails generators with an estimated release date in November 2023.

I’m also helping build Flipper—a feature flag tool for Ruby applications—where I pitch in on everything from marketing and front-end to back-end development.

Outside of work, I’m almost seven years out from a semi-elective left below-knee amputation, and that continues to play a prominent role in my life. This last summer, I was able to take part in a video shoot about the Adaptive Sports Center improves outdoor access for those of us with disabilities related to a grant they received from Hydro Flask.

After a great ski season where I started working on double-black runs on my sit-ski, I’m eagerly looking forward to a focus on hiking and paddle boarding this summer. I’ve traditionally spent more of my summer recreational time focused on downhill mountain biking, but now that I’m further out from my amputation, I’ve decided to start seeing how capable my leg is with activities that aren’t as easy on my leg.

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