What I'm up to...

This is a “now page”, and you should make one too.

I’m coming up on five years in my recovery from an elective left below-knee amputation after spending three years trying to save my foot. During that time, I did a lot of research about amputation but found it difficult to find relevant information. So my wife, Lauren, and I are working to create a site and resources to help other amputees become more active. Progress has been slow thus far, but now I’ve reduced my consulting to set aside 20% of each week (sometimes fridays, sometimes afternoons) to working on Adaptable, and things are looking up.

During the day, I’m consulting full-time with small teams using Ruby on Rails to help them simultaneously ship new features and iteratively improve their processes for development and releasing updates to their applications faster and with less risk.

My wife and I recently launched a job board, Crested Butte Jobs for the Gunnison Valley where we live. It’s the first application I’ve built and launched since selling my first app in 2016, and it really reminded me just how far Rails and Ruby have come since 2008 when that first application launched.

With this ski season wrapped up and having to wait until November to get back to sit-skiing after a great season where I was able to get down my first black run on a sit ski, it’s back to summer sports like biking and paddleboarding.

Last Updated: May, 4th, 2021