What I'm up to...

This is a “now page”, and you should make one too.

I’m about two years into my recovery from an elective left below-knee amputation after spending three years trying to save my foot. During that time, I did a lot of research about amputation but found it difficult to find relevant information. So my wife, Lauren, and I are working to create a site to help others live better with amputation.

Recovery has finally reached a point where the amputation isn’t holding me back, and I’m doing things like going snowboarding three days in a row without spending the entire next week on the couch with my leg off.

I recently launched a second edition of my book to help others avoid my mistakes building, running, and eventually selling a web application as a sole founder for eight years. I wrote the book in the open, and it’s free to read on the web.

During the day, I spend my time helping with marketing full-time at Wildbit. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s nice to work with a full team again after being mainly solo for years.

If you have questions about starting or running a SaaS application, I’d love to help. Just email me or say hello on Twitter.

Last Updated: Friday, July 15th, 2018