This time last year, I was still debating whether to settle with my ankle fusion or move forward with amputation. I was about one year into my ankle fusion recovery, but it was still painful. So I tried snowboarding with it. I barely made it down one run. I had to stop four times on an easy run due to excruciating pain, but it brought clarity. I had to amputate if I wanted to be active again.

Six months later, I had my left leg amputated below the knee. Earlier this week, a little over six months after amputation, I spent two and a half days riding. There was pain, but it was tolerable. Time and some adjustments to my board and prosthesis should bring that closer to downright comfortable. We’re not quite there, but it’s getting close.

So to recap, a full year after an ankle fusion, and I could barely get down the mountain, and only six months after amputation, I got in a solid two and a half days. This is the outcome I always hoped for, but amputation was always scary because it’s such a permanent decision. It feels good to know for sure that it was the right decision. This journey is only just getting started, but it’s going as well as anyone could realistically hope. Here’s to the next adventure and to everybody that’s helped me get this far.