Still Sustaining

Eight years ago, I wrote a blog post about how starting was easier than sustaining. It rings just as true today. A few years after that, I wrote a book sharing what I had learned building and running a web application as a sole founder. Here we are a few years later again, and I had a lot of new lessons to share. So the book got an update and then some. Starting & Sustaining started out as a fun side project, but over the years of talking to other founders and going through my own trials and tribulatios, it’s become more than that.

I’ve now spent almost five years battling with my leg. I’m through the woods now, but the experience left a big impression. The concept of recurring revenue as disability insurance rings just as true. The experience building, running, and selling Sifter combined with joining Wildbit while going through these adventures with my leg has been a wild ride with a lot of new experiences and knowledge.

As each day goes by, it’s felt even more useful to share the expereince, both personally and professionally. On the personal side, I hope people realize they’re a lot stronger than they think. Fortunately, most never really have to discover that. On the professional side, while health is often a fear that can’t prevent you from going out on your own, being independent with income that’s not tied to the amount of hours you work is incredibly liberating. Then, when health isn’t perfect, the business can still run and you can still make a living.

I’m not advocating quitting your job. But I am advocating looking for ways to build sustainable income that’s independent of the hours you work. While my experience happens to be with SaaS, that’s just one path. Even if it is the right path for you, it’s likely not the best first step. But if it is, I hope Starting & Sustaining can help in some small way.

The book is readily available to read online for free. There’s a SaaS projections worksheet freely available online to help you get context around the finances as well. And the newsletter and podcast will continue and grow. I’m not done learning, so I’m definitely not done sharing. Last time, it was about launching and getting back to Sifter. This time, it’s about launching and keeping it up. This is just the beginning.