Superficial Steps

We’re rolling out a new identity for Sifter, and while I couldn’t be happier with it, part of me worries about how superficial it may seem from the outside. Reading countless corporate-speak press releases over the years about new logos “synergizing and representing the cohesive nature of the profitable vision for the future” has made me jaded to such seemingly contrived drivel.

That said, while it’s meaningful to us, it’s really more of a drop in the bucket relative to what’s really happening with Sifter. We’re working like mad on several fronts. For those on the outside, Sifter probably seems like a barely evolving app, and until the last couple of months, that’s a very reasonable perception because we’ve been doing an incredible amount of operations work.

So, to an outsider, it’s just another silly logo change, but as an insider, I can definitely say that it’s much bigger than that. We’re picking up steam, and the way I see it, the current version of Sifter is simply funding the real version that I’ve always wanted to build. It’s enabling us to put the time and care into the details that we always wanted to. There won’t be a single moment that defines the “new” Sifter, though. It’s just going to continue being an evolution towards our now crystal clear internal vision of what Sifter should be.